Bristol Relationships GDPR & Privacy Policy

The Bristol Relationships team: Zoe Barid, Barbara Bloomfield, Rex Baird and Dominique Sakoilsky

Bristol Relationships is committed to protecting and respecting the privacy of our potential and registered students. We comply with the General Data Protection Regulations.

What do we hold?

Bristol Relationships holds personal data of the Bristol Relationships Team and students, including telephone numbers, email and postal addresses. We also hold email addresses and phone numbers of potential students, including their first and last names.

During the course of our training sessions, you may be encouraged to exchange views and information with fellow course members. This is done on the basis that both individuals consent to the communication and such interactions are not monitored or gathered by us in any way. With consent, we also hold some photographs of students and the team which may be used for publicity or group sharing.

We will not seek to collect any personal data which is not strictly necessary for the purpose for which it was obtained

How do we protect your data?

Personal data of all potential students and students who attend our courses, is stored in password protected files and is only accessible to the Bristol Relationships Team.

Personal contact details and photographs will be deleted upon request.

Please contact Zoe if you have any query about the data we hold and how we use it.

This page was updated 11 February 2019.